User experience design

Our projects bring your users' point of view to the table.

People are surrounded by interfaces. We all live in a continuos transition between screens, machines and systems in both our private and work life. However, the overall experience is often inconsistent.
The interfaces that should support our everyday productivity at work can not compete with the quality standards of those we encounter in private life.

Our design method fills this gap.

Industrial automation

We provide user centered design to machine manufacturing companies.

Professionals in industrial automation have the same needs as everyone else. Possibly, they are more result concerned.
Our clients have highly productive, intelligent, and sophisticated machines and this complexity is often reproduced on the interface.
We try to understand the actual users of the machines and their goals before designing HMI, SCADA, and MES platforms.
We bring the complexity of the system down to make the interface clear, usable and consistent for all operators. The outcome is an overall productivity gain.

Our approach to industrial automation shapes our custom design solutions.

Tetra Pak

Corporate digital strategy

When we design an interface, we target the entire ecosystem.

Our work on digital systems opens up opportunities to create new businesses, new products, and new services.

We use design thinking to create, remodel, and manage the corporate strategy.

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